The Away Team: Sleeping Dogs

One of the biggest issues we, personally, have with Star Trek: Enterprise is the lack of suspense in their cold opens. In many of the old Trek episodes, it always built up to what was going to happen in the episode. None in the first half of the season have done that, with the exception of “Broken Bow”. In this episode of The Away Team: Sleeping Dogs, it all remains the same.

There are nearly two different tempos within the episode. There is the time-is-a-factor storyline that involves T’Pol, Malcolm, and Hoshi stuck on a drifting Klingon vessel about to be crushed within a gas giant.  On the Enterprise, Archer and Trip are brushing up on their Klingon and modifying a shuttle pod to get the crew off this drifting Klingon. Like there isn’t a care in the world.

The Away Team: Sleeping Dogs is a funny title considering the title of the episode. The title comes from the proverb “let sleeping dogs lie”. Which normally means, don’t wake a sleeping dog unless you want to suffer from its bite. While the unconscious Klingons may be the threat, the bigger threat is the thought of being crushed by the pressure of the gas giant. It would’ve been more fitting if the Klingons woke during the episode and chased the away team.

Nevertheless, the episode does a bit of building between Hoshi and T’Pol, which will lead into a lot of slash fiction between the two. Including us in the show. However, the episode develops Hoshi in a 180 degree turn from her reluctance in the episode “Fight or Flight”, but doesn’t really do much else.

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