The Away Team: The Congenitor (ENT S2, E22)

Trip does it again. When will that dude ever learn? The Away Team: The Congenitor takes Trip into a weird obsession. After encountering a new species that isn’t after something, Trip meets a surrogate of a species that is treated like a thing. She has no voice or respect. Among this race, she serves no purpose than to bare a couple a child. That’s it.

For some reason, this sticks in Trip’s craw. He just can’t let it go and forces his human morality upon an alien species. Even though everyone is telling him to not get involved. He does it anyway. Befriending the couple, just to get closer to the surrogate.

“The Cogenitor” has a moral tale but not one that people may thing. Many people watching the episode would initially side with Trip. However, looking deeper, it forces us to look at imposing our value system on another species. Starfleet eventually develops the “non-interference” rule because of this case.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks – “An Embarrassment of Dooplers

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“The Congenitor” – Memory Alpha

Yes, we know people have rights. However, people complain about respecting out nationalities on Earth, the same would be said for space. Every race has their own customs and traditions. Americans have a tough time wearing masks or seeing that police brutality is wrong. It gets worse when foreigners tell us the same thing.

There is a subplot about Reed getting laid. I would’ve liked to see more of this, but it was quickly dropped in favor of the A-storyline. Not saying I wasn’t to see it, but I would like to have seen the aftermath.

The episode takes a serious topic and doesn’t give it a traditional ending. No “moral success.” But a dark and tragic ending that will force Trip’s handling to change. Unfortunately, for many people like him, it takes a tragedy to get through their heads.

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