The Away Team: The Crossing (ENT S2, E18)

Another episode of The Away Team, Trip gets the Enterprise and the crew in trouble. It’s become a joke at this point as to why they even have Trip on the ship. “The Crossing” introduces an unidentified alien species that wants to “experience” corporeal existence. According to them, they left that experience generations ago and wish to learn.

Of course, all isn’t what it seems when many more members of the crew are taken over. None willingly. Even Hoshi turns into a bit of a bad ass when she is taken by force. One of the most notable “crossings” is when Reed is taken over and immediately heads to T’Pol’s quarters. En route, he makes remarks to other female crew members. Their reactions indicate that this isn’t something new. Do they have an HR on the ship?

“The Crossing” gives some news as to what is happening with the new Section 31 series that was due. Apparently it’s still happening. Scripts are being written. Covid kind of stopped plans. All their shows started late, so is the Section 31 series.

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The episode itself pulls on a couple of strings. More along the aliens on the Enterprise are ‘Mary Sue’ characters. Phlox can’t be taken over and somehow T’Pol can stand up to them. With no basis in experience, she arrogantly assumes that she can handle them. Thus allowing her to figure out their plans and keep them at bay. A bit presumptuous, I think.

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What Happened to ‘Section 31’ Series?

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“The Crossing” – Memory Alpha

In typical Star Trek fashion, we don’t know who they are or hear from them again. That isn’t to say “The Crossing” was a bad episode. It was entertaining, but it falls conveniently into some tropes that are common in sci-fi. And particularly in Star Trek.