The Away Team: The Expanse (ENT S2, E26)

The mid-way point of the entire series has been achieved. Star Trek: Enterprise concludes its second season with “The Expanse”. As far as season finales go, it isn’t a memorable one. It is memorable for one reason: it sets up what happens next season. The series concludes its episodic origins and will begin a season long story arc.

Enterprise is called back to Earth after a probe cut a destructive path through Florida to Venezuela. It’s quickly learned that the species, known as the Xindi, sent the probe to Earth. The mysterious figure in the Temporal Cold War storyline appears to warn Archer. The Xindi know that Earth will destroy their home world in 400 years, and this was their pre-emptive strike.

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Archer decides its time to take the war to them. Retaliation for what they did to Earth and change the timeline. Which isn’t discussed that much in the episode. No one discusses what they did to force Starfleet to destroy their world in the 26th century. But those are details best left unanswered. It’s clear they just want to get the ball rolling.

“The Expanse” moves toward the secondary storyline of Trip’s baby sister was killed in the attack. Of course, he tries to hide his emotions by not talking about it. To the point of saying her life isn’t any more important than others. However, Malcolm attempts to remind him that she was important to him and it is okay to grieve. Trip just wants revenge.

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Season finale of Star Trek: Lower Decks

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As season finales go, the episode lacks any real tension. It simply gives the series license to improve the ship for combat. Adding photon torpedoes. Bring on military personnel. Also, gives reason for T’Pol to leave behind the Vulcan Science Academy and join Archer on his mission. It does allow changes in the show using the new season as a reason for it. It’s not a bad episode but doesn’t provide a true cliffhanger that we had seen between seasons one and two.  

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