The Journey Continues

For the last couple of months, I have chosen to air The Away Team episodes of Adam and I am discussing the first season of Star Trek Discovery. Some of you are probably wondering why I never posted it to the blog, but that was because I didn’t have internet to make it easy. Since December, I have been working to get shows online by using the library. However that has changed since last week, and The Journey Continues with The Away Team.

Since the second season of Discovery has been incorporated into either episode of The Lazy Geeks or standalone in the current rendition of The Away Team.  

A quick recap of what is available in this trailer. Back in 2015, Adam wanted to do a Star Trek podcast that had us going through the episode of The Next Generation. We made it through the first two seasons of the show and ended it. It wasn’t gaining much traction.

The Journey Continues with throwbacks.

We ended it in 2018 and the pandemic hit in 2020. Since we had more time, we went back to it but attempted to do the series in chronological order. Star Trek: Enterprise was completed in late 2022. Then 2023 happened and my life went to shit.

At this point, it is unclear if Adam and I will ever do another show again. Yet, I found these old episodes and thought that you may enjoy our run through the first two seasons. We are far crazier than we were in the new incarnation.

Starting Friday, April 19, previously (mostly) unreleased episodes will drop every week. That week, we will kick it off with the two-hour series premiere of “Encounter at Farpoint”. It is important to remember that much of the first two seasons are not well-regarded. In the first batch of episodes, a couple will be our personal favorites and most likely offensive now.

Enjoy, and we’ll see on Friday.

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