The Last Outpost

After condemning last week’s episode, this one is a personal favorite of Adam and I. “The Last Outpost” is not a bad episode. It has a lot of hilarious moments.  This is the introduction of the Ferengi into the Star Trek universe. Yet, they do come off kind of lame. Especially given what we know they become thanks to Deep Space Nine.

Much of our focus in the episode is on Geordi. He does some random things that become a staple for us through the rest of the season. Like his shrug. The thumbs up. And most importantly, his “whoo-wee”! There is a lot of what would be considered making fun of Geordi, but it’s hilarious this version of him. Having seen the series and knowing what he became, it appears that the writers didn’t know what to do with them.

We often joke about the female characters in this series, but it is the late eighties. Also, given how the showrunner of the time was a complete misogynist, it makes sense how the characters change. However, in this episode, we laugh about how the men on the bridge don’t listen to Troi at all. She makes repeated reference to the planet below and no one even acknowledges her contribution.

The Last Outpost has some better moments than others

The concept behind the episode is an intriguing one, but the execution is not. There is some serious over-acting in this episode, particularly from Riker. It appears that he is trying for that nomination for best supporting actor in a drama series.

Again, this episode is quite funny for the reasons we state in the episode. Be sure to watch the episode before you listen to this episode (definitely do that for the next one) to get the jokes. Enjoy The Away Team: The Last Outpost. See you next week.

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