The Naked Now

There are probably more forgettable episodes within the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation than memorable ones. One of the more memorable episodes is this one. Not for the story line or the amazing acting. Fans know what I’m talking about. “Fully functional”. That moment, from what we can tell, many moments afterwards, they had a special relationship. “The Naked Now” is that episode.

Coming off the release of that awkward two-hour premiere, this is the first regular episode of the series. The biggest complaint I had was it felt too early to have this episode. The cast was barely known. None of the viewers knew these characters enough to notice what seemed out of character.

“The Naked Now”, also, began the running gag that Wesley was the smartest member of the crew. The Wonder Kid, if you will. After all, he did start the problem, but it required Data to solve it.

The Naked Now is a wholly forgettable episode

The episode is a retread of a TOS episode, “The Naked Time”. However, the cure that solved the problem in the original episode doesn’t work this time. Because of course not. The episode would’ve been more suited for late in this season. Maybe even waited until season two.

One joke that I constantly think of is Data’s pursuit to become more human. He got laid within the first season. Geordi didn’t get any throughout the entire series run. That would make Data more human than anyone else on that ship. Well, except for Riker.

The series’ idea of rotating engineers was really a noticeable problem in this episode. For those of you that though, wasn’t Geordi the engineer? You are correct, but that didn’t happen until season three. Enjoy this episode of The Away Team: The Naked Now.

Come back next week for the infamous racist episode of the series. We have some fun with that.

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