The Away Team: Vanishing Point (ENT S2, E10)

After having an early episode of season one, Hoshi became the focus on season two’s “Vanishing Point” for Star Trek: Enterprise. Of course, the focus of the episode falls on a consistent Star Trek trope of an transporter malfunction. The Away Team wants to make sure that you notice that. However, they tried something a bit different, which was nice. But it’s a transporter malfunction episode once again.

While surveying an abandon city on a planet, a storm is approaching that will prevent them from using the Shuttlepod to get back to Enterprise. Much to their chagrin, they will be forced to use the transporter, which is still new. Both are apprehensive, Trip decides he’ll go first to prove it’s safe to the reluctant Hoshi. Which is already a bad idea, considering that Trip is her superior officer and gave her an order to go first.

Nevertheless, Trip makes it up fine and Hoshi goes up second. Immediately, she feels like something isn’t right. Like a “piece of” her is “missing”. Everything thinks it’s all in her head. Some don’t even notice here as she walks back or approaches. There are a few moments when she heard voices of Malcolm and Trip encouraging her to do something. But, she thinks she’s losing her mind.

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“Vanishing Point” pulls some thread from other Star Trek episodes but takes a nice approach to her insecurities. As the episode makes a mystery that isn’t there, it’s a psychological episode. Hoshi has always felt inferior to the rest of the crew. Being the youngest, she isn’t as confident as the others. The “blow offs” she gets at her concerns. People walking past her without giving her a second glance. Even some crewmen that is able to decipher a language better than she can. Oh, and the coldness of T’Pol.

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Glancing at the episode on the surface, it make seem cool. However, the writers did a good job at showing Hoshi’s insecurities in a subtle form. Even though she has managed to become a better part of the crew, how they react to her “death” gives her some confidence to know that all those insecurities are in her head. They value her more than she will ever know.