Where No One Has Gone Before

We were mutually pleased that two of our favorite episodes were back-to-back. While last week was more of Adam’s favorite episode, this week is definitely mine. “Where No One Has Gone Before” is obviously a twist on the title of the second pilot for Star Trek. Unlike “The Naked Now”, we don’t have a retread of a storyline. However, we have one that Adam and I take in a completely different direction. Should we have? No one will ever know.

The A-storyline focuses on the Enterprise, while attempting to upgrade their engines, gets taken into a different universe. Through a malfunction, they were taken out of the Milky Way galaxy and through three other galaxies. It would take them over 300 years to get home. Kosinski, the engineer, was believed to be the creator of this engine upgrade, later to find out that he wasn’t in control at all.

Where No One Has Gone Before becomes a Chris Hanson episode

While that storyline is okay. That galaxy creates images from the crew’s mind. Of course, we hear about rape gangs again. But that isn’t my favorite part. Kosinski’s assistant was the one that caused the malfunction. He takes a strange interest in Wesley.

For reference, there is a lot of inappropriate jokes made about the “creepy” attention the assistant is giving toward Wesley. They are jokes. These jokes we thought were funny and may not be for all. However, we aren’t making light of such scenarios, but it was fucking funny when you think about it.

At one point, Chris Hansen should’ve popped out on engineering and asked the assistant to have a seat. If you find stuff like that offensive (or triggering), don’t listen. Don’t @ us either, it was for fun and don’t be that guy. Anyways, enjoy The Away Team: Where No One Has Gone Before.

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