The End of The Lazy Geeks Podcast

Like all good thing… After nearly eight years of doing The Lazy Geeks Podcast, we have decided that it is time to call it quits. Not like we did a few years ago, when we tried to do a daily recap of the news. This is a legitimate end to the original podcast that started this all back in 2010. As with many things, we have grown from that original concept, and we have always said that when it became work it would be time to move on.
On that note, it is important to state that we are not going away. Not by a long shot. In fact, we are doubling our efforts. For the last few years, we have tried to find a balance between doing the show and allowing our lives a certain amount of freedom. With our new concept, there seems to be a working plan in motion. While we have buried the lead immensely, it is important that we announce the return of The Lazy Geeks Network.

Here’s The Plan

The Lazy Geeks Podcast will transform itself (as well as rebrand) to simply The Lazy Geeks. The rebrand is part of our approach to bring you a weekly podcast that will focus on us talking about anything geek. Not just games, comics, movies, and technology. We will be discussing anything that is going on in our lives. Essentially, what is on our mind each week and the struggles of being an adult geek. Which means we will include topics on history, conspiracy theories, and science. This will allow us to discuss stuff in the news or just about our lives.
The reason for leaving the news reporting aspect of the show is simple: you can get that anywhere. When we started back in 2010, there were not many avenues to receive those. Now, you have every outlet that pedals rumor as fact and trying to grab clicks. As a rule, we never fell into that. It seems that we are reporting (or correcting) the same stories each week. It is time to move away from that and look for something that will intrigue us both as we begin our ninth year of the site.
With all that, The Extended Play Movie Podcast will be joining The Lazy Geeks Network beginning in September but full-time in October. The entire backlog of 54 episodes will be available on the blog starting in September. Nothing will change on their feed or content. It will be the same show they have always done, but it will be featured on The Lazy Geeks.
Coming soon, The Fine Line, which is Steven’s new series, will be debuting hopefully in October. It will be a historical and quasi-political series that will focus on the fine line between searching for the truth and your concept of the truth. The answers you find may not be the ones you seek. Returning in 2019, The Away Team with a retooled concept and approach.

So, No More News

As for the site, it will become more of a blog. Not only hosting the podcasts, it will bring you content that will cover every area of geekdom. Everything from personal interest to what is going on in our society. We may, from time to time, even bring you some news content.
We hope you will continue to join us as we approach our eight-year anniversary and begin the ninth year with a refresh and brand-new outlook. This is something we have been discussing for a time and we think this is the right approach for everyone going forward. If you are currently subscribed to our podcasts, don’t worry there will not be any changes to the feeds. Just keep them where they are, and get ready for our new approach in October.

Message from Steven:

This is one of those difficult messages that you sometimes have to write. While I have been doing this for eight years, there is a part of me that is sad to see it end but excited at the same time. When Adam approached me about doing this back in early 2010, I never thought it would make it a year, much talking about ending it in 2018. Most television shows don’t even make it this long, but here we are.
While it has seemed to have gone by in a blink of an eye, there are times that I never thought we would see episode 300. The podcast had allowed me to escape the rigors of my personal life and do something fun with Adam on a weekly basis. I have noticed my interests have shift during that time. It is easy to say I have grown in that time, but not out of my geek, more like expanded or shifted.
We have had some dedicated fans over the years, and like everything people move on. There are some great fans that we still have and we hope they will make the move with us. Yes, we have made a few mistakes along the line, but this was our first time so what can you do? However, we have learned from those mistakes and will not make them again. For example, none of our new shows will ever share the same feed again. That was a cost-cutting decision that we fully regret.
The blog will become a combination of The Lazy Geeks and my personal blog, which will allow me to share a full range of interests that I have. Not to mention, promoting all the content on one social media account will be great. Can’t wait for that. I am terribly excited for what is coming but sad that we have finally closed the book on our first stage of our run.
For everyone that supported us from day one, I personally want to thank you. While very few of you shared your thoughts and ideas with us, we, also, want to thank those of you that simply listened to our dribble every week. Thanks for being there and hope you will be there for the next step in our evolution. It has been a long road, but it seems that we have found our direction. Second star to the right, and straight on till morning.

Profound love,
Steven Vargas

Message from Adam:

I’m not very good at these kinds of things. Anything with the purpose of providing emotional clarity or solace isn’t my cup of tea. I do love tea though so there’s that.
I honestly can’t believe we did this podcast for 8 years. There were bumps in the road, of course, but I can honestly say I enjoyed every year that I sat in whatever desk chair I had in whatever location I lived to record this podcast with Steve.
I’ve grown a lot over these years, both personally and financially, and I’m happy to say it was at least in the right direction. I’m sure Steve will tell you I don’t have as much energy as I once did on the show; which is only half true. It’s hard to seem shocked when the news repeats itself time and time again. Which is why I was really into the idea of not doing the news anymore. I’ll leave that to the journalists who enjoy it and let’s be honest, we were just reading someone else stuff. It gets tedious after a while and no one wants to do something they don’t enjoy doing.
So we press on, and change what we’re doing. The new show is going to be something that is not only more personal but also less dated. We’ll have the freedom to talk about whatever we want whether it’s a serious topic like global warming or whether it’s who would win in a fight, Data or a Cylon. Both are equally as important to me by the way.
The Away Team, which out of all the different shows was always my favorite, is making a big comeback with a whole new format. We haven’t worked out all the kinks yet but trust me when I tell you, it isn’t going to be us just reading Memory-Alpha. Real conversations about the universe we love so much. It’s the least we can do for such a great set of shows.
I know Steve has some shows in the works which are going to be great as well. The site is becoming a more of a blog which is a pretty amazing idea and I may have to throw a few things up from time to time (Steve’s the writer for the most part but stranger things have happened.) The most important thing to take away from all this is we’re both excited to do all of this for those people listening and maybe grab a few new people along the way.
Stay Classy Internet. Seriously.

Adam Riley
So, with all that being said, it is important to note that while we are closing one door we will remodel the room we are in. It isn’t simply a rearrangement of the furniture. We may knock down a few walls in the process. As far as donations go, we will still need to accept them. We have a big future lined up for you all and hope you will continue to help us. We have a new dream and goal. So, we hope you will join us and help us achieve that dream. Very few times in life do we get a do over. When you are presented with that chance, you fucking take.

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