The Extended Play Movie Podcast #63: Infernal Affairs

As we reach the conclusion of Patrick’s all-time favorite movie series, we conclude it with the inspiration of The Departed. The Hong Kong inspiration, Infernal Affairs, was as complex of a film as its American counterpart. Unfortunately for American fans, there was no sense of justice in the original Hong Kong version.


Not only does this film focus on the undercover life of two police officials, it is a story of torment. The formula of this film is that the most tortured soul lives the longest. Inspector Lau, unlike Matt Damon’s character, was a conflicted soul. He was a successful police officer and married. However, he was tortured by trying to find out who he was as an individual.

With his meteoric rise in the Hong Kong police department, he has nearly everything. Which allows him to be a mole for a triad boss, Hon Sam. Chen is working undercover with only two senior officers knowing of his existence. SP Wong is his only link to his life that he had given up for the job. Once it is believed that there is a mole on either side, Lau and Chen are on the hunt for one another.

More complex than the American counterpart

It is a complex film about two people giving up their lives for their particular cause. Each one trying to be one step ahead of being discovered. When Lau’s wife is attempting to write a novel about a person with dual identities, it strikes Lau to find out who he wishes to be in her story. The hero or the villain. In an attempt to try and resolve his life issues, it will end tragically for many people around him.

So, enjoy the conclusion of Patrick’s series. Lose your triad tail and snuggle up on your doctor’s couch. Enjoy The Extended Play Movie Podcast #63: Infernal Affairs.  


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