The Extended Play Movie Podcast #64: Major League

It’s almost appropriate to kick off November with a movie about baseball. For many people, the baseball season came to an end with the World Series a week or so ago. Major League is the perfect film to unwind with. A good reminder of why we love the sport and a chance to have a great time.

Not only that, it kicks off Steven’s all-time favorite movies month. This has been a personal favorite for a very long time. Most likely, it has been since it debuted in theaters in 1989. The traditional worst-to-first film that started a genre-type in the next couple of years. Instead of using a fictional team, the film focuses on the Cleveland Indians and their inability to win a pennant in over 40 years.

The movie functions on so many levels. You have great direction from David S. Ward, who wrote the hilarious script. The use of slow-motion and amplified sound effects at the movies most critical points is something we don’t hear in movie before or since. The washed out cheers of the fans. The grunts and groans of the players. The swoosh of getting the throw off to second. The film has a visceral feel that pulls you in.

The film manages to focus on the characters, which pulls you into rooting for them. No matter how many times you see the film, you hold your breath when Hayes makes the slide into home at the finale. The soft, melodic music gives you a sense of sentimentality that it was moral victory for the team. Definitely not for the owner.
Steal second and relax for The Extended Play Movie Podcast #64: Major League.

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