The Extended Play Movie Podcast #66: The Three Musketeers

All for one! One for all! Disney is one of those companies that love to advertise all the movies in its library. However, The Three Musketeers is not one of those movies. However, there are a lot of movie fans that will never allow Disney to bury it.

As we continue on with Steven’s all-time favorite movies, the guys hit the mid-point with a Disney film that has a lot of firsts in it. Someone commits suicide. A sex-minded cardinal. Two former Young Guns actors, and a lead that sounds like he’s from Malibu than France.

In many instances, all the other actors attempt to give themselves a refined accent. To even sound as if they are from the time. Hot off of Hot Shots: Part Deux, Charlie Sheen even gives himself a refined accent like an actor. You could even say that he is a bit of the straight man in this. However, given the direction his life has gone, it is actually quite fun.
Director Stephen Herek did a good job bringing us a grand adventure that was rare for Disney back in 1993. For a span of ten years, he brought us classics like Critters, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Mighty Ducks, Mr. Holland’s Opus, and 101 Dalmatians. Since then, he has been relegated to television with the rebooted MacGyver series.

Great visuals. Classic story. Music by Michael Kamen. There is a lot to love. There have been remakes since this one, but nothing captures the grand adventure of the classic tale. Grab your swords and protect the king. Enjoy this episode of The Extended Play Movie Podcast #66: The Three Musketeers.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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