The Extended Play Movie Podcast #68: Gremlins

There is no better way to ring in the holiday movie series than with this week’s film. Yeah, we know that last week, we did mention it was the unofficial start. Now, it is the official start of the four-part series. This series kicks off with the 1984 classic Gremlins.

The movie was original considered to be more of a darker holiday film. Fortunately for all of us, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, and Warner Bros. thought this was more of a family affair. Writer Chris Columbus (pre-Goonies and Home Alone) rewrote the film to what he have today. The movie is somewhat timeless in the concept of an invasion of a middle-America town.
The adorable nature of Gizmo and the scary-cute of Spike and the other Gremlins. The haunting yet adventurous music by Jerry Goldsmith adds to the caper, while you need to watch the background in the wide shots.

Being 34 years-old, the movie still holds up as a classic alternative to the traditional holiday fare. Back to the Future fans would have a great time identifying the Hill Valley set used in the film. Not to mention the Fast Times at Ridgemont High reunion. While there are some tense moments in the film, it is fun for the whole family.

Granted, there are plot holes that could fill a sink hole. You do need to remind yourself that you are watching a movie about a fictional creature. Also, see if you can remember the rules. No cheating either. We will know. We will know. So, sit by the tree and try to not get wet or eat anything after midnight. Enjoy The Extended Play Movie Podcast #68: Gremlins.


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