The Extended Play Movie Podcast #69: Scrooged

Many consider the Bill Murray-led retelling of A Christmas Carol to be one of the modern classics. There are so many things right with Scrooged that it is hard to find something wrong with it. Murray himself plays a despicable television executive that you just can’t help but love. This is a must-see during your holiday viewing.

It is almost hilarious to think that Richard Donner directed this film between the first two Lethal Weapon movies. Supported with some memorable actors, Murray can’t help but shine. Even though neither Donner nor Murray enjoyed the experience, it doesn’t show in the final product. The movie leaves you laughing, joyful, and forgiving of the fourth wall breaking finale.

This is Murray’s first film since the blockbuster Ghostbusters debuted a few years earlier. The film works in the contrast between the classic A Christmas Carol that we grew up knowing with a more slapstick version for the modern age. Not to mention a complete family affair for all the Murray brothers.

Grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle on the couch. Get ready to laugh and enjoying this heartfelt message. The Extended Play Movie Podcast #69: Scrooged will help ring in the holiday season.

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