The Extended Play Movie Podcast #70: Invasion U.S.A.

invasion usa poster
What is Christmas without a Cannon film? What is Invasion U.S.A.’s connection to Christmas? Slim. Very slim. It takes place in Florida during the holiday season. That’s it. But it was enough for us to discuss this film for our holiday special.

Film creates many questions. Chuck Norris as a something-operative? Going after a Russian that is using multi-cultural terrorists to bring terror to the United States? All these questions and more will be raised after viewing of the movie.

This Golan-Globus production reminds you why they went bankrupt. Not to mention that there was plenty of secondary characters and a narrative. However, according to the editor, they opted to remove them to showcase the action and Chuck Norris. The film does feel like a bunch of YouTube shorts strung together to make a movie.

Not in a bad way. Almost in a “so bad it’s good” sort of way. There was no way we could do a holiday series and not add this narrative-devoid classic to our list. So, enjoy Invasion U.S.A. And, if this doesn’t bring you holiday cheer, you are dead inside.


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