The Extended Play Movie Podcast #71: It’s A Wonderful Life

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It is Christmas for everyone! Whether you celebrate it or not, there is no escaping it. For the twisting of the knife, we bring you the classic It’s A Wonderful Life. Yes, the episode is early. Normally, the episodes are dropped on Tuesday, but since Christmas is on Tuesday – we figured we would drop it early. George, Mary, Uncle Billy, Clarence, and the rest.

There was, also, another reason for dropping the episode early. It was to allow all of you to listen to this episode before the traditional Christmas Eve airing of the movie on NBC. Or, maybe you will watch the movie first and then listen to the episode to see if we line up.

The film itself is a classic tragic story but it is meant to be uplifting. You wouldn’t guess it by the first hour and change. However, after you go into the parallel universe of George Bailey, there is a sense of hope that all our lives make an impact. This realization is what allows for the water works at the end of the film.

During the conversation, Patrick asks what he considers It’s A Wonderful Life in regards to genre. There is an idea that the film falls into a sci-fi/fantasy genre because it deals with time travel and alternate realities. Patrick reveals that some people believe it is a comedy because it has some humor in it. What do you consider it? Let us know.
For now, enjoy your Christmas and may it be merry and bright. Merry Christmas everyone.


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