The Extended Play Movie Podcast Is Cancelled

You may remember about two months ago, I came to you to announce that the cinephile-based Extended Play Movie Podcast was going on an indefinite hiatus. Well, after some discussion and thought, it has been decided that The Extended Play Movie Podcast is cancelled. Back in January, there was some hope that we would return in March once Patrick had sorted some things. Unfortunately, as always in life, things didn’t work out as planned.

The Extended Play Movie Podcast is cancelled. What does that mean for both Patrick and myself? Well, it means that I will be working on The Lazy Geeks more, as I have been since we relaunched. I have some research that I need to complete for a possible other show. However, Patrick and I are discussing a new, rebranded version of the show.

There have been over seventy shows (just about seventy hours) of this past show and all of it was a blast. Except for maybe having to re-watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Spider-Man 3. Unfortunately, since we have shut down the hosting plan for that show, you will no longer be able to stream the show from the usual outlets. However, I am working on a plan that will allow the shows to live on (without cost) but only through the site.

Nothing is firm yet, and I will give more info when I have something to announce.

Some may be asking, why cancel it if you’re going to come back later? The answer is two-fold: (one) the next show may have a different title and format, and (two) we are not sure when we will return. Could be in late spring or early summer. Maybe even later than that.

The last year and a half of the show was fun. It was great getting together with Patrick and discuss movies. Given that it was our first outing doing something like this, it makes sense that we would try something different. At the same time, the show could evolve. However, we could return with the old show. Nothing is off the table. So, until next time, it’s okay to have you own opinions of movies, just don’t be a dick about them.

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