The Extended Play Movie Podcast: Season Two Is Coming

As hard to believe, we are halfway through the month of January of this new year. With the traditional adjustments that go on in January, it is going sort of smoothly in the realm of this blog and the subsequent podcasts. While it won’t be until February when both shows will run in constant rotation, it is sort of nice to ease people into it. With It’s Not Just Another Podcast into its third episode, production of the new season of The Extended Play Movie Podcast has begun.

On Monday, Patrick and I sat down for our first new episode in nearly a month and a half. Having recorded the last batch of episodes during the week of Thanksgiving, it is nice to get back to what we love. The first segment of episodes will be devoted to a selection of films that won Best Picture Oscars, and see if they still hold up. No, we will not be discussing Crash.

Some Changes

Some changes that will be coming to our second season of the show, our themes will run longer. You may have noticed in season one, our themes ran for about four episodes. It appeared to be confined within the month, or recording session, and we moved on. This forced us to cut movies we would have liked to discuss, but as the show was weekly it would not make any difference to the listener.

So the second season will have movies, or themes, go as long as we need to discuss the topics to its best conclusion. Not only that, but we will be engaging in more cinephile discussion about these films. We are creating this show to be a podcast for cinephiles, which is truly what Patrick and I are. After recording the first two episodes on Monday, nothing will dramatically change.

We will still make our references to video games, and have yet to bring it all back to Lethal Weapon or Die Hard. There are moments when we run off on tangents, and make jokes about the films we discuss. We want to be a podcast that gives people the ability to enjoy movie discussions but not be pretentious about it. You know, movie snobs.

What to Expect

For the first half of the year, we have a selection of series that we are going to be discussing. As I mentioned before, we will be discussing previous Best Picture winners until the week the Oscars air. After that we will have a series of shows that will discuss various directors. This is a companion series to the composers series we did last year. You can forget Spielberg, De Palma and the standard bearers, but our series if varied and fun.

After that we will be discussing films from 1977 – 1979. You can guarantee we will be discussing movies like Star Wars and Close Encounters. However, we will select very niche films from the time like Heaven Can Wait, Time After Time and The Black Hole.

With that partial selection for this coming season, we hope you will join us. We plan to have a good time and discuss movies we love, like, and maybe haven’t seen in a long while. It will be a journey of not bashing movies but celebrating movies. Even the bad ones. So, on February 8th, we hope you will join us for our first movie of the season Argo.

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