Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories

The last throwback of this week comes from 2023. “Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories” focuses on the idea that conspiracy theories are dangerous. When people discuss the concept of conspiracy theories many only go as far back as the dawn of the internet. I understand why though. It is when information like this was available to anyone with Netscape Navigator or an AOL keyword. The problem is that it hit the mainstream less than a decade before.

In December 1991, Oliver Stone released his film, JFK. In the film, filled with a who’s who of A-list celebrities, he told the story of Jim Garrison. He was the district attorney of New Orleans and a complete conspiracy theory nut. He tried to piece together who killed JFK and bring them to justice. Which he did but failed to get a conviction.

The problem with the film is that it was a big budget, Hollywood studio backed conspiracy theory film. It is what YouTube would consider a deep dive by today’s standards. The problem was that it was filled with Oliver Stone’s actual theories using the guise of Garrison to give it a narrative structure.

Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories are truly dangerous

The even bigger problem is that no one knew what a conspiracy theory circle jerk that film was designed to be. During the build up to the film’s release, no one questioned the concept of the film. After millions saw it, then reports came out how it was not based on Garrison himself. Simply a mixture of different conspiracy novels that were mashed together. Garrison was the appropriate vessel to tell his story through.

Of course, it wasn’t until some twenty years later that we knew what a kook Stone is. You can see it through his “alternate” history series The Untold History of the United States from 2012. It is fucking insane.   

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