The Los Angeles Riots

This wasn’t the episode I had originally planned. That will happen in two weeks. This is a throwback episode from an earlier incarnation of The Gen-Xer Pod. “The Los Angeles Riots” was originally done back in 2022 for the 30th anniversary of the event. As we are approaching that date, April 29, 1992, I felt this was a good episode to launch this on.

As to the reason there is a throwback episode, during the last week, some things happened that were positive. I know, that’s kind of crazy. A listener donated to help get my internet back up and running, as well as covering the month of May. This got me to do a page one rewrite of the upcoming episode. So, for the next two weeks, there will be throwback episodes rather than silence.

I was 18 when the riots happened. Just completing my first year of college when the verdicts in the Rodney King trial came out. I was sitting in a local barber shop, where they had their television on a local news station. Once they went to announce, everyone grew quiet. Barbers stopped cutting. Customers, in the chairs and waiting, turned their attention to the television.

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Once the final “not guilty” verdict was read, everyone sat in silence for a moment. This was a Mexican barber shop. To be honest, tension between the Mexican and black community was tense. Even after this moment, many shook their heads and went back to work. After I got my haircut, my barber leaned over and told me to go straight home.

Shit got real that night. Businesses closed before dusk. A curfew was put in place and the South-Central area of Los Angeles was lit up. This isn’t a deep dive into the event, but this inspired me to do so. Maybe I’ll have it ready for next year. For now, enjoy The Gen-Xer Pod: The Los Angeles Riots.

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