The Gen-Xer Pod Trailer

Earlier this year, I announced a rebrand of The Gen-Xer Pod. And I released the first episode “The Northridge Earthquake”. Then a couple of weeks ago, I announced that I would be doing away with my old concept. Now, I am back saying that I’m sticking with the old concept-ish, but pushing aside a lot of my internal censorship. The Gen-Xer Pod 2024 trailer will illustrate some of the new tone I will use for this show.

Much of my old censorship came from trying not to piss off too many people. What I came to realize that I was playing it safe, which was unhelpful to myself. Yes, I will discuss the old generational concepts and how I (as a Gen-X) see the world. Even seeing it differently from my fellow generational kin.

The Gen-Xer Pod 2024 Trailer is more me

I know that many people I know will listen to it, and I think I tried to cover myself. I have some views on how liberals and conservatives need to get their heads out of their asses. This will undoubtedly make some listeners mad, but that’s how it’s supposed to be.

You can challenge people’s ideals, but the concept needs to be genuine. Not like when Tucker Carlson says if blacks don’t like it here, then they should go back to Africa. Then end it with “I’m just asking questions.” Which is a disingenuous argument, and an attempt to cover up racist ideology.

If he can ask that, then why can’t I say: “Carlson is a racist. I’m just asking questions.” I can challenge one’s ideals but if it comes from the right place: you can listen. Next week, I’ll will drop my first original episode about male fragility. Why are guys so afraid of women and their sexuality? There are some interesting thoughts. Also, why does it matter so much.

See you then.

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