The Gen-Xer Podcast: Age of Hypocrisy

Thinking way back to 2016, Trumpers were jovial about Donald Trump winning the election. Wanting to see those liberal tears. Yes, there was political saber rattling about Russia and misinformation. Not to say that it didn’t play a part, but it wasn’t as huge as pundits claimed. It was truly the democratic base that wasn’t very excited for Hilary Clinton. This week’s episode “Age of Hypocrisy” goes into some of the bullshit both sides play in.

When some Democrats wanted to make sure Russia didn’t mettle in the election again, conservatives were saying to get over it. The election was over, and their guy won. Yet, after losing in 2020, conservatives are still crying over the election. Expecting “evidence” to turn up and say Trump won the election. Democrats never did that.

They never held rallies with Hilary Clinton. They didn’t do that in 2000, sending Al Gore around the country saying he actually won the election. In fact, many democrats were turned off by Gore’s “unsportsmanlike conduct” that prevented him from running again. No one likes a sore loser. Unless you’re a conservative.

Shownotes for “Age of Hypocrisy”:


JFK Jr. Is Still Alive?

Fact Check: JFK Jr. did not predict Trump’s run – Reuters

QAnon Followers Think JFK Jr. Is Coming Back – Rolling Stone

QAnon Crowd Super Bummed JFK Jr. Didn’t Appear in Dallas – The Daily Beast

QAnon believers gathered to see something physically impossible – CNN

Featured Topic:

How ‘Tribalism’ and ‘What Aboutism’ Dominated Our Culture

Former Democrat hits Hollywood hypocrisy over politics – Fox News

Krystal & Saagar call out Barack Obama’s hypocrisy on woke politics – The Hill

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That isn’t to say that conservatives are the only ones committing hypocrisy. Liberals do it too. Sending out memes that attribute quotes to people that never said that. Lambasting conservative cancel culture, when they commit it as often.

“Age of Hypocrisy” goes into the issues of our country and boil them down to hypocrisy. If people would lighten up and stop being tribal, we could make the world a better place. Yes, it is an idealistic point of view, but it is a good place to start.

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