The Gen-Xer Podcast: Art of Social Media

As we get older, we tend to forget what it was like as a child. High school life fades in the distance. Realizing that life was utter bullshit. Eventually, understanding that the high school environment falls you throughout your adult life. This week’s episode of The Gen-Xer Podcast discusses the “Art of Social Media” on teens.

As adults, there is a tendency to think of your kid’s school life as easy. Think that’s hard, wait until you make it into the real world. Lambasting it to the point where you diminish your child’s experience, because it doesn’t rise to the level of yours. The main story starts with the suicide of a 15-year-old girl, who made a mistake when she was thirteen. Through the art of social media, it followed her everywhere afterwards.

Bullying as a child now is nothing like it was for me. Much of the bullying lasted only during school hours. It began the moment I stepped foot onto the campus and ended in much the same way. Now with social media, there is never an end. You can ban, or block, someone. Then they create a burner account and continue to harass you.

Shownotes for “Art of Social Media”:

Social Media on Teens

The History of Social Media

Given that real life has blocked our views from childhood, you offer unrealistic suggestions. Many of whom, were scoffed at when you were a kid. Go to a teacher. Just ignore them. Would you have done that as a teen? No. Most likely, you would’ve had your ass beaten for it.

“Art of Social Media” offers some suggestions for parents of teens. Think about how much of work encompasses your daily life. That is the same for a teen. Their existence is there. Regardless of how it will appear in the future, that is their present now. Maybe you should look at it that way. Then, maybe you child will not become a statistic.