The Gen-Xer Podcast: Ploy of the Recall

This week’s episode of The Gen-Xer Podcast: Ploy of the Recall kicks off with an apology. In the last episode, I said that would be the last break for a bit. Obviously, that was a lie. But an unintentional one. I failed to realize that October was coming up and that would be anniversary month. So, I took another two-week vacation to back up some episodes and launch when the eleventh-year anniversary kicked off.

Again, it adds another apology. The episode that was originally slated for this week was pushed back. After the recall election in California, and its results, I had to talk about it. “Ploy of the Recall” discusses how the Republican party thought they had a chance to kick Gavin Newsom out of office. Not because of his policies but because of his handling of Covid.

Now, had Arizona, Texas, and Florida not been acting like a fever dream, they may have gotten their win. With Arizona, auditing their elections to find out that Trump did win – which he didn’t, and Texas raging against women’s right. Florida just acting like the country’s WTF state. It motivated Democrats, and some Republicans to partake in this recall.

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The GOP Plot to Takeover California

Larry Elder, who is a Trumpian talk radio host, said he would roll back everything. No masks or social distancing. No vaccine mandates. With news that California is the only state in the country that is seeing a decline in cases. The GOP tried to capitalize on anger from the beginning of 2020. A lot has happened.

It backfired so bad that Newsom won by a greater margin than he did when he was first elected. The Gen-Xer Podcast: Ploy of the Recall goes into how the GOP really misjudged California.

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