The Gen-Xer Podcast: Religiosity of Religion

As promised, our new episode of The Gen-Xer Podcast is released. “Religiosity of Religion” does have a liberal bent, but it focuses on the “War on Christianity”. A war which is self-inflicted. We start of with the “ban on school prayer”, which isn’t even a ban. But, before that, we take on the complexity of conservatives and their hatred for abortion. And for doing what they want.

Conservatives like to lambast abortion. More of less, take their aggressions out on women. When you look at these new abortion laws, there is very little (if anything) against the man. However, if the woman breaths out the side of her mouth on a Wednesday, in a month that ends in “y”, she can go to jail. That’s why the old Murphy Brown story from the nineties is quite hilarious.

Jumping into the “Religiosity of Religion” bit, Christianity has made it a war upon themselves. While calling out Muslim countries as a haven for Satan, making everyone a Christian in a Christian nation is okay. The problem is that the United States wasn’t designed for it. We are a God-fearing nation. We’re actually not supposed to be



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The “War on Christianity” isn’t something stopped by the secular community. It was the religious right trying to egg on a war. Basically, start a war then cry victim when it goes back on you. Sound familiar? That is the tactic for the right in any case. We blow an election – there was fraud. A government overreach, for public health, stands – they want us to be slaves. They have a vaccine for a pandemic – it makes you sterile.

“Religiosity of the Religious” takes a view at religion from a Christian standpoint. I am not – by a long shot – denouncing Christianity. However, it is a rebuke of what calls itself Christianity today. Hope you enjoy this week’s episode and will see you next time.