The Gen-Xer Podcast: The Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories

When I was a kid, I never really heard of conspiracy theories. No one I grew up with ever said that the moon landing was fake or that the CIA killed Kennedy. Real history was more my thing. However, in the last twenty years, alternative facts really took the world by storm. The Gen-Xer Podcast: Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories goes into how insane the world has become.

As I got into college, this sort of information became more noticeable. However, they were often mocked and forced to keep their opinions to themselves. However, in the days after 9/11, that began to change. The rise of social media and platforms like YouTube allowed people to share their opinions. Mislabeled as fact, the started to convince people that opinions is fact.

This tactic leans heavily on the notion that no one knows history. Which is sadly the proper way to go about it. It makes people that weren’t the brightest tool in the shed to turn on educated folks.

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Media Needs to Stop Making Feel Sorry for Antivaxxers

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How do people fall for this.

You can thank Oliver Stone’s sensationalized 1991 movie for the JFK document release – The Washington Post

The Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories reminds people that poking holes in someone’s fact doesn’t make you right. Nor does telling people to do their own research. A persuasive argument relies on you trying to convince me with facts. Not “poking holes” and telling me to go and do homework.

With people in government trying to convince people that reality isn’t real, the notion of normalcy is worlds away. Opinions are being past off as fact, while facts are globalists that want to rid the world of patriots. If that last sentence seemed outlandish, then you can see how insane these thoughts are.

Enjoy this episode of The Gen-Xer Podcast, and we will see you next week.

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