The Gen-Xer Podcast: The Failure of the Media

As more and more people distrust the media, the distrust they receive was something they brought upon themselves. The Gen-Xer Podcast: Failure of the Media goes into how people’s lack of faith was self-inflicted. Much like my previous episode where I said the war on Christianity was self-inflicted, the media brought it upon themselves.

Now, this episode isn’t about “fake news” or an alt-right propaganda piece. Extreme liberal and conservative news must be read with skepticism and doubt. While there are true journalist in the media, media companies are beholden to parent companies, which forces their editorial to slant a particular way. First that comes to mind is Ronan Farrow’s piece on Harvey Weinstein. Originally, it was being done for NBC, but after a threat by Weinstein, they told Farrow to bury the story.

Why? Because NBC News’ parent company is NBC Universal, a prominent movie studio. CNN slips that slope when they try to play middle of the road when they fall into the tabloid-type coverage. They were a major part in the move from journalism to tabloid TV during the Clinton sex scandal. Fox News has been known to either bury or slant any negative news about conservatives, and classify them as a “hit piece”.

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How Our News Media Experiment Failed

Fewer Americans Than Ever Before Trust the Mainstream Media – Forbes

With 24/7 coverage, people realize that the media plays stupid much of the time. Leading (or starting) confusion where there isn’t any. With their tabloid style approach, now clutch their pearls when people don’t trust them. This has nothing to do with the MAGA movement. That group simply refuses facts. This is regarding people believe the media blows things out of proportion.

Enjoy this episode of The Gen-Xer Podcast: Failure of the Media. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, next week will be a special episode, just in time for the ghoulish season that is upon us. See you next week.