The Gen-Xer Podcast: The Grand Ol’ Party

Back in 1964, The Grand Ol’ Party (also known as The Republican Party) dealt with its first bout of alt-right extremism. A minority within the party was fighting for fiscal conservatism and aggressive anti-communism tactics. Even the rank-in-file Republicans saw him as too extreme. However, the majority of Republican voters didn’t like the course and voted against Barry Goldwater. This episode of The Gen-Xer Podcast deals with their historic change.

The GOP didn’t want Goldwater’s view of the Republican Party. It was too divisive. It threatened to kick mainstream conservatives out if they didn’t go his way. Sound familiar. It took twenty years for that minority group within the party to become the core Republican. Ronald Regan took Goldwater’s stance and made it mainstream.

This began a trend that would see the party evolve into a more extremist party with every iteration. Newt Gingrich moved the party into obstructionism. Why fix issues when you can use them as campaign issues? This is still used today.  

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How the GOP Changed

2013 Republican Autopsy

This trend continued with the Tea Party. It has finally evolved into the party of Trump. Don’t get me wrong, Democrats do a lot to help get Republicans elected. They love to shoot themselves in the foot. The GOP has a better gimmick on getting everyone in line. Who needs an opposition party with fellow Democrats can destroy their own agenda without any help.

The Grand Ol’ Party takes a look at the evolution of the party. And deals with how I miss the old Republican Party. They may have had a different viewpoint, but they fought to get things done. Now, you attempt to compromise, you are dead to them. Both sides are bogged down in “all or nothing” politics. Makes me yearn for the good ol’ days.

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