The Gen-Xer Podcast: The Vaccine Paradigm

As the Delta variant is running through our country like Mexican water through a tourist, people are slowing coming around. The issue people continue to wonder about is why are people against safety. Unfortunately, this isn’t anything new for humanity. The Gen-Xer Podcast: The Vaccine Paradigm explores that this isn’t our first rodeo when dealing with public safety.

As parents are fighting teachers over mask mandates, in the mid-eighties’ states began considering a seat-belt law. Too many people were dying from not wearing a seatbelt. As you would expect it, the same “gung-ho Americans” claim that it violated their civil rights. Even if it resulted in their death. However, we know that isn’t true.

News reports come out daily when people get the virus, they ask for the vaccine. Personally, all these people that claim to know how science works, don’t know how vaccine’s work. Herd immunity. That works prior to infection. You take the vaccine before, so you don’t get the full effects. Herd immunity works if the entire town gets vaccinated to help the people that cannot.

Shownotes for “The Vaccine Paradigm”:

The Vaccine Conundrum

When Americans Went to War Against Seat Belts – Business Insider

All this means that people that complained about seatbelt laws “knew” it wouldn’t happen to them. Until they experience it, then they would become converts. Unfortunately, that is the bulk to American culture at this point. The vaccines don’t follow the science. Really? Where is your doctorate from? It’s from the University of YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok?

The Gen-Xer Podcast: The Vaccine Paradigm will be the last episode for two weeks. If you follow The Truly Pointless Podcast, you’ll find out the reason I won’t release a new episode this week. Hopefully, we can continue the series with the “Art of Social Media”. Just depends on how I feel.