Red Mask of Stupidity

This may sound like an old topic but it is something that always bothered me. While people in the media claimed that this “is unheard of”. The problem is this wasn’t unheard of. It happened before. Over a hundred years ago when the Spanish Flu raced through the United States. But, since the people of San Francisco had beat it the first time, everyone thought that the same precautions didn’t apply. The Red Mask of Stupidity was born.

There could be some lines of distinction between the two time periods: they followed directions back then, now they claim it is a violation of personal freedoms. Not to mention, there was no 24-hour cable news channel reporting unfounded claims. That isn’t to say there wasn’t a 1900 version of Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson there. It just took longer to get misinformation out there.

The mask mandates were based on the concept of helping others that are more susceptible to getting the virus. The problem with the old adage of “when your neighbor’s house is on fire, you don’t haggle over the hose” is that it’s bullshit.

Red Mask of Stupidity shows our compassion has limits

Instead of begrudgingly wearing the mask, people of certain privilege (and unable to master junior high science) decided the protest and want their ice cream shops open. These are the same people that claim they could survive in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, yet can’t go two weeks without getting a beer at their local bar.

At the same time, those grifters telling you to not get the shot – they themselves got the shot because their corporate overlords told them they had to. For insurance purposes. There is much stupidity in the way of being a free person. I did what was asked of me, because it was the least I could do. Maybe I’m not that much of a dick. Enjoy this week’s episode Red Mask of Stupidity.

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