Satanic Panic

When people discuss the eighties, more often than not they always land on the “Satanic Panic”, as if it was a strange period in our culture. There is a problem with that perception: it’s still around now. Our obsession with it has never wavered. Much of what is going around on a political level is still alive and well.

In the eighties, with the insurgence of evangelical Christianity, many people started turning back toward religion after the agnostic seventies and hippy sixties. However, it wasn’t the traditional church that many people knew growing up. There was a belief in charismatic Christianity with the personalities of Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Falwell, and Jim Bakker.

Many people would’ve considered them revival tent clowns. More to the point, all of these charismatic had grouped together into a large television base. They would come into people’s home daily or for some several hours a day, and preach the word of God.

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Now, through apps like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, these people have moved away from bands and movies. They are going after people, educators, politicians, and in some cases liberals. Demonizing people from human beings to things. Satan worshipers, demons, soulless pedophiles. And they are still claiming that they are coming after the kids.

Simply look at the rhetoric that comes out of the mouths of Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, and many others. Using religion as the basis for vanquishing your enemies is nothing new. I heard it back in the eighties when I was ten years old. Now, it fills up my Twitter feed. It’s still here. It never left. Enjoy this week’s episode of The Gen-Xer Pod: Satanic Panic.

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