Northridge Earthquake

Thirty years ago, one of the biggest earthquake to hit Los Angeles in recent history. A powerful 6.7 earthquake hit the San Fernando Valley, which resides in western Los Angeles County. A 4:31 am, I was away from my slumber to one of the hardest hitting quakes I ever experienced. This week, to kick off the new podcast, we discuss the Northridge Earthquake.

It was a federal holiday, so many people had the day off. This was one good signs of the quake occurring when it did. No schools, banks, and many office buildings were set to open. Many people were sleeping in, at least, many of us thought that would be the case.

I was twenty-years-old, and was about to start my third year in college the day after on the 18. That wouldn’t be the case either. I had no school for two weeks after the quake and three weeks without a job. My job was located in one of the damaged malls that riddled the valley.

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Our debut episode takes a look back on January 17, 1994. Mostly told from the first person perspective. My perspective. Having lived in a nearby city that was about a 15-minute drive. Having lived in Los Angeles my entire life, this is one of the only earthquakes that still haunt me to this day. Enjoy our debut episode of The Gen-Xer Pod: The Northridge Earthquake.

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