The Lazy Geeks #321: The Apple Paradox

This week’s episode of The Lazy Geeks discusses the Apple paradox. We have known for years that Apple fanboys believe that they are not a major manufacturer. The problem is that they’re wrong. They are. They are the third largest developer in the world. You don’t get that way without becoming a major company and it is beginning to act like it.

Recently, they are making moves that are hiding the number of sales. The reason for that is simply the headlines. No one wants to see the headline report that iPhone sales are slowing. Coming in lower than expected. They are lumping sales into their entire portfolio. All they (and their investors) are focusing on is their revenue stream.

Some may be asking how can they increase revenue is iPhone sales are slowing? You would be right to ask such a question, it would be by increasing the cost of their devices. When revenue is factored, it is the total dollar amount. Not the amount of individual items. Thereby redirecting the news to say that they are coming in over expectation, even if the iPhone market is slowing.

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In the coming year, Apple is planning to launch their television streaming service. There is some unsettling news about the service, in regards to the content being blander than network television. On a proprietary level, they are allowing devices to be repaired by third-party dealers. Unfortunately, they are locked out of some areas in the name of security.

On a side note, you may notice that the numbering scheme has changed. Yeah, we are moving back to the same scheme that we used prior to the name change. This will be explained in a later post.

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