The Lazy Geeks #322: To Boldy Go

As we rapidly approach the holidays and the end of the year, it is important to look ahead. We, as a network, is looking ahead to 2019. We have some big ideas and hope we can have enough energy and finances to do it all. As we look ahead, we have to look behind for something that we may want to bring back, and we think there is one.

As 2019 approaches, we have three shows available on The Lazy Geeks Network. Now, it is time to look back and examine what may be good for a reboot. There was a cancellation of The Away Team earlier in the year. We did this as it wasn’t getting as many downloads, but there was a larger plan in process. Even though people may be geeks, their tastes don’t always line up.

As someone that is a geek of games and comics, they possibly won’t like Star Trek. As was previously mentioned, The Away Team and the other shows released on the same RSS feed was a mistake. As part of our new expanded concept, we are looking to bring that out in 2019. It will contain a new format as well as its own feed. Much like we have for The Extended Play Movie Podcast and The Fine Line.

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Keeping on the sci-fi tip, we discuss the struggle between the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. Many Trek fans are looking at the Star Wars fans with amusement. Why? The feelings they are going through are the same as the fans of Trek had when Paramount decided to produce The Next Generation.
Sit back and think about it with an open mind. You may be surprised.

“Go Kart – Loop Mix” Kevin MacLeod (
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