The Lazy Geeks #323: So This Is Christmas

The pinnacle day has been reached. Christmas is upon us. Obviously, the episode is released before the traditional day. Sticking with the normal schedule, the episode would have been released on Christmas Eve. Traditionally, podcasts of any kind are listened to while travelling. Thus, here we are.

What is different about this episode than previous years, the discussion is about Christmas. Things are different this year, especially with Adam. His life has taken a positive turn and is giving something to be happy about. Stability in employment, increase in pay, and got himself a house. This allows him more flexibility to do things with his kids that he couldn’t in all the years past.

There are plans for Christmas Eve, but they will be low key. Spending time with family is important and gifts aren’t always necessary. Steven is having a different experience. Money is tight and he will be spending it with his brother. Nothing major is planned for the holidays but keeping things calm. Unfortunately, things aren’t that way.
The discussion falls into the debate about people that love or hate Christmas. Confusion befalls them in why some people absolutely hate the holiday, while others love it. The guys love it themselves. It is a season of appreciation.

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Dim the lights and turn on the Christmas tree. Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Relax and take in the holiday with our special brand of Christmas cheer. The Lazy Geeks want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May it be fun, safe, and filling. We will see you next week to close out 2018.

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