The Lazy Geeks #324: Auld Lang Syne

It is that time! Time to close out the year. It is hard to believe that we are closing the final days of 2018. With all the noise going on, it is time to look forward. Humans are very linear creatures. We like to look at the start of the New Year as a clean slate. As if last year’s problems somehow fade away. They don’t but we like to think they do.

We take a look back at 2018 from a personal and a news standpoint. What was good, what wasn’t, and things that just plain sucked.
Not only is this the final episode of 2018 but this is the season finale.

There is a change in regards to the show’s seasons. Like with The Extended Play Movie Podcast and The Fine Line, seasons will end at year’s end. Instead of doing a new season in October, which is our anniversary month, a new season will begin in January.

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Programming note: while it will be only one week for you, it will be nearly two months for us. All the final episode of the season were recorded back in November. It was to allow us time to get into the holidays and deal with all that. So when we return next week, it will be a whole new season.
As we close out 2018, have a Happy New Year! May it be safe and don’t do anything too stupid. We want you around next season. Have a great night and see you in 2019.

“Go Kart – Loop Mix” Kevin MacLeod (
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