The Lazy Geeks #325: The Doctor

Hello, everyone!

During the course of January, I sent out a plea for help to keep this podcast and blog going. Well, that plea went unanswered. So, this will be the final podcast released for The Lazy Geeks and the end of The Lazy Geeks Network.

We really hoped that we could get people to help donate a few sheckles, but that never materialized. After discussion with Adam, we have decided to pack it up. It is one thing to not get any donations or even status on how we were doing, but it is another when no one seems to care.
There is an understanding that the format, and concept, that we began eight years ago is tired and it is time to move on. I’ll be honest, we kinda knew this was coming, but we hoped that it would come on our terms.

Now, there would be something to re-brand all these podcasts and the site, but what would be the point? Since a majority of our listeners never reached out to us, it seems more ideal to cut and run. I, personally, will be continuing with a new blog.

Adam and I are discussing the possibility that we will move on and do another podcast. One that is different from The Lazy Geeks. The Extended Play Movie Podcast will be taking a hiatus, but will return. But, when it does it will have a name change. However, the feed will remain unchanged.

After eight years and three months, it is time to ride off into the sunset. For those of you that listened to our show, we want to thank you for listening to us. Enjoying the content. That will be a time that was great fun for Adam and myself.

However, even though we managed to secure some funds for future episodes (outside of donations), it seemed a better option to move on. Possibly with a new show. Engage more of our fan base. Move on from The Lazy Geeks and evolve.

The episode you are about to hear is an unaired episode we recorded back in November. It was originally slated for a pre-Thanksgiving episode but was never aired due to the death of Stan Lee. Adam and I thought it would be better to do a new episode dedicated to him, and shelve this one. So, here is the final “new” episode from The Lazy Geeks.
Thank you for this cool run. Thanks to all the listeners. We hope to run into you again in the podcast universe.

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