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As promised, The Lazy Geeks are back with a brand-new episode. After a great donation from Amador, we are back with a handful of episodes for 2019. This episode is a bit long, given the fact that we are discussing about a lot of things we missed during our time off. Let’s be honest, there was a lot of things that happened while we were gone. 



While the two-hour episode may seem steep, we did all we could to make it entertaining. The next podcasts will be shorter but our first newly recorded episode since before Thanksgiving of 2018, we thought being a long one would be okay. We implemented some of the elements we wanted to bring into the new season of the show. Hopefully, you will appreciate what we are doing. 

Don’t forget to snap a picture of you listening to our show, or even the podcast up on your mobile device. It will help us out to see what is the most popular. Also, even though Amador helped us out doesn’t mean we don’t need any more. So, please click on the “donate” button to help keep this show going, or write a review of the show on your podcast feeder of choice. Enjoy the show and let us know what you think. 



We are back! 2 1/2 months since we recorded 

Send us pics of you listening to us 

Trumpians need to relax and recognize trolls 


Headlines :

Xbox Live Coming to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch 

Apple discovers screen recording and tells everyone to stop 

Deadpool Likely to Stay R-Rated 

QuadrigaCX sole director dies in pharaoh fashion 

Extended Windows 7 warranty gets pricey 

Captain Marvel’s 90’s Website 


Main Story 

Things We Missed: 

Black Panther Nominated for Best Picture 

Government Shutdown 

Aquaman, Bumblebee, and Once Upon a Deadpool Review 

The Major Brush Fires in So Cal 

Star Trek: Discovery and The Orville 

Nintendo to Make Small Switch 

Hangouts Goes Buh-Bye 


And, Finally 

Arizona Wants to Charge a Tax for Porn to Build the Wall 

Microsoft Keeps It Real About Internet Explorer 



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