The Lazy Geeks #327: Our Awakening

It seemed like a long week since our last show. The Lazy Geeks are back from our awakening. There is a lot to get to this week, primarily, that latest Nintendo Direct. After watching it, it has been decided that we are going to grab a Nintendo Switch. Super Mario Maker 2 wasn’t being held down by being the only amazing game from the Wii U, and the remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening are worth the price of the device alone.

After some thought, we are offering a structure to possibly motivate some listeners to donate. Since we don’t have enough fans for Patreon, we figured a bonus structure for people that want to donate would be a possible incentive. The structure will follow:

  • Donations of a $1 or more will receive a thank you at the end of the month.
  • Donations of $15 or more, you will be a “sponsor” of a particular episode. You will be able to write your own sponsor ad. It could be a total self-promotion ad. For your own blog, business, podcast, or whatever it may be. Adam and I will record it.
  • Donations $30 or more, you can choose our main story. We will give an honest debate about whatever you want. Which is better Marvel or DC? Star Wars or Star Trek? Is AR Pornhub close to happening?
  • Donations of $100 or more, you can be a co-host on an episode. You just need access to Skype and be available to record on a Sunday night.

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A pair of Mars stories make the show. A “rewind” episode from last month, The Refund Edition, we discussed about the one-way trip to Mars. After a couple of years, the company that was planning this mission had gone bankrupt. On real sad news, Mars rover Opportunity is shut down for the final time. After 15 years on the Martian surface, it lasted longer than it was designed for. Meet you at the crossroads.

Adam convinces Steven to check out the latest entry in the DC Universe streaming content, Doom Patrol. At the same time, he got him into watching the first episode of Titans. It wasn’t all bad.

In some news, Adam is too excited for getting an animated Howard the Duck series is coming to Hulu from Kevin Smith. Steven confirms the rumor that Ben Affleck is out as Batman, but sets the record straight about it being a rumor until this week.

The main discuss for the week is Star Trek too big on television that it won’t work as a movie anymore? Some fans think Star Trek is better smaller, while some think it’s so cinematic on television that movies tend to dumb the concept down. Is the show ever really designed to work on the big screen telling deep stories? Some of these questions the guys will answer.

Of course, what show would be complete without an anti-vaxxer story? A wife to one of Trump’s aides is a special kind of stupid. She is an anti-vaxxer and believes that getting childhood diseases makes people stronger and helps fight cancer. I think, this may actually break the guys.

So enjoy the episode and comment on the show. Let us know what you think or if you want to drop a dime – click the donate button to our PayPal. Have a great week and see you next time.



“Roots of Legend” Density & Time
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