The Lazy Geeks #329: Boom B*tch

In this crazy news cycle, it is almost difficult to tell which way is up. This week was one of those weeks. So, thanks to Facebook Fan Subscription for that. I managed to watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse twice in the last two weeks. It was a topic to discuss in last week’s show, but we decided to push to this week as last week’s episode was kind of full.

While the news was a bit slow, it made up for time with some major trailer releases. What is likely to be the last X-Men entry from Fox until Marvel takes over. The reboot of Hellboy and a love letter for fans with a Star Wars mega-trailer. Not to mention some epic movies on Hulu and YouTube. Plus, humanity took a major step forward in our efforts to return to the stars.

Sony decided to officially end production of the PlayStation Vita. Which isn’t a complete surprise, but it is still sad. It suffered from bad timing and the company abandoning it very early on. Comcast decided in an effort to be less burdensome with its consumers, they would create default pin numbers on their mobile devices. All the same pin. What could go wrong? Hackers.

facebook fan subscription
We’re better than this, Comcast!

The episode is rounded out with a review of their watch list of The Orville, Star Trek: Discovery, and Doom Patrol. Facebook is launching their own version of Patreon, Facebook Fan Subscription. A version that is more harmful to creatives than anything else. Once you sign their terms of service, you lose many rights. One of which includes the gain the right to use your content to promote the service for life. Even if you choose to leave the service. Oh, did we mention the 30 percent cut of the $5 monthly fee you charge?

There is a lot of good stuff that we discuss this week. How could we conclude the episode without discussing the scientific experiment that proved to a Flat Earther that the Earth is round? Yeah. That happened. Sit back and relax. Enjoy this week’s episode of Boom Bitch.



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Short Takes:

Star Wars: Always Mega Trailer

Dark Phoenix Trailer

Hellboy Trailer

Wayne’s World on Hulu

Masters of the Universe Free on YouTube

Space X Launches Crew Capsule


Watch List:

Spider-Man: Into The SpiderVerse

Star Trek: Discovery – “Light and Shadow” (Episode 7)

The Orville – “Identity, Part 2” (Episode 9)

Doom Patrol – “Puppet Patrol” (Episode 3)


Headlines :

Sony Discontinues Production of PlayStation Vita

Xfinity Knows Nothing About Security


Main Story:

Facebook Fan Subscription Service – Bad for Creators

Why it’s Bad

Facebook Announces Fan Subscriptions

Facebook’s Own Announcement


And, Finally:

Flat Earth Test Proves Earth Is Round



“Roots of Legend” Density & Time
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License






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