The Lazy Geeks #330: Want A Slice Of Pi

Yes, we know this podcast is a few days late. Unfortunately, Adam had been battling a cold for the last week, so we decided to postpone the show rather than skip it. It is, also, Pi day. A commercialized holiday that forces people to purchase pies, rather than studying the science behind it. Nevertheless, we are back to re-educate you all. We will, also, be back Monday with our regularly scheduled show.

This week we cover Arrow ending after eight season, Cobra Kai returning for a second season, and Disney is ditching their movie vault forever. Adam gives a quick review of the Nintendo Switch that he has been playing with for two weeks. Some possible leaked Switch news. As well as Diablo (1996) has been released for a digital download for the first time, and PS4 Remote Play is available for iOS devices and its kind lame.

The “Watch List” continues with discussions of last week’s Star Trek: Discovery, The Orville, and Doom Patrol. Rumors have returned with the possible release of the disc-less Xbox One S coming in May with pre-orders possibly in April. Yet, the same concerns still apply. EA has had some issues with Anthem on the PlayStation 4. Causing some consoles to crash, while others claiming that they’re being bricked. Although, that last one has me a bit suspicious.

Clickbate has become a serious problem, as well as just simply bad reporting. Headlines that make you click but the “news” is someone’s opinion that means nothing. Speculation of issues based on the news released today, but forgetting that your “thoughts” were debunked months ago in a story you chose not to link.

So that is our episode for this week. A big episode and we have even discussed the news or topics for the upcoming show. So that next few days should be fun. Remember, if you wish to donate to our PayPal to keep us going, please do so. It will help us out greatly. It’s Pi day, so get yourself a slice.



Happy Pi Day

Why we are late: Adam sick


Short Takes:

Arrow to End with Season 8

Nintendo Switch

Disney+ to House Entire Disney Vault

Leaked SNES Goodness for Switch?

OG Diablo Available for Digital Download

Cobra Kai: Season Two Gets A Release Date

PS4 Remote Play Supports iOS Devices


Watch List :

Star Trek: Discovery – “If Memory Serves” (Episode 8)

The Orville – “Blood of Patriots” (Episode 10)

Doom Patrol – “Cult Patrol” (Episode 4)


Headlines : (2 Stories from the week to discuss)

Disc-Less Xbox One S Rumored for April

Anthem Causes PlayStation 4 Crashes


Main Story:

Internet News: Clickbate and Just Bad Reporting


And, Finally:

This Is Going To End Well



“Roots of Legend” Density & Time
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