The Lazy Geeks #331: Endgame

At what point do we take responsibility for spreading conspiracy theories and hate messages online? After the shooting in New Zealand, many people here are applying pressure on social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and various others for not attempting to curb such information. So, our question to everyone this week is: at what point to we stop blaming outside sources for societal ills and take some of the blame?

The shooting in New Zealand is the latest in a string of fundamental terrorism. White supremacy is just as violent and toxic to civilized society as any radical Islamic group. However, many people in these camps (or camps adjacent) like to voice that they are provoking some interesting debates. They aren’t. Plan and simple. It isn’t a free speech issue.

Too much of this rhetoric isn’t about having a “safe place” for white supremacy. It is simply about getting their hateful content exposed to people that don’t have the mental capacity to distinguish between right and wrong. If Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter cracks down on this content, someone else will rise and claim to be the new bastion of speech freedom.

The problem that we are facing is a new type of society that knows what gets views, likes, and shares. The upcoming attacks are going to be a social media nightmare. We’re in the endgame now. It is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. However, in order for that to happen, we need to own it and find a way to fight it.




Adam celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Adam Left Facebook

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Watch List :

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Headlines :

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Main Story:

Is YouTube really to blame for the spread of conspiracy theories?


YouTube to Blame for Flat Earth

Believing Conspiracy Theories Makes You a Criminal


And, Finally:

The Struggle Is Real



“Roots of Legend” Density & Time
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