The Lazy Geeks #332: Stadia

Normally, the Gaming Developers Conference is kind of boring. Not this week. Google announced their worst kept secret, Stadia. Last year, Google was streaming Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in a beta program, it seemed to be testing. Speculation of the service became well-known. Now, Google has made it official and it could change the game.

Stadia will force other gaming companies to really get their ass into gear. If it works as demonstrated at the conference, you can start a game on your laptop, move it to your Android device (phone or tablet), and then finish it off on your television using Chromecast. All of which will allow you to pick the game up where you left off with virtually no lag or anything to download. Google promised that they could deliver top HD experience regardless of your computer’s specs.

Google promises to launch it this year and that will change the future of streaming. Currently, Sony has PlayStation Now, which allows you to stream games but it requires huge amounts of bandwidth and a very small selection. Microsoft is currently working on one, which is rumored to be announced sometime this year, that could be announced at E3.

The rest of this episode focuses on the return of Bill & Ted and Lucasfilm Games. If you are still running Windows 7, you should know that you are in the endgame now. Australia and New Zealand aren’t playing with sites that are hosting the video of the mass shooting over a week ago. Not to mention, Facebook doesn’t really seem to have your privacy in mind. What a shock, right?



Intro Discussion:

Myspace Lost 12 Years of Songs



Remind for reviews of the shows

Added Playlists to our YouTube channel


Short Takes:

Bill and Ted Face the Music Coming 2020

Lucasfilm Games Returning

Detroit: Become Human Coming to PC

Castlevania and Contra Coming to Modern Consoles

Windows 7’s Final Days


Watch List :

The Orville – “Lasting Impressions” (Episode 11)

Star Trek: Discovery – “The Red Angel” (Episode 10)

Doom Patrol – “Doom Patrol Patrol” (Episode 6)


Headlines : (2 Stories from the week to discuss)

4chan/8chan Blocked in Aus and NZ

Facebook Passwords Stored in Plain Text


Main Story:

Google Reveals Stadia


And, Finally:

Deven Nunes Sues Parody Accounts



“Roots of Legend” Density & Time
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