The Lazy Geeks #333: All About The Plus

There is something to be said for production of an episode. The Lazy Geeks #333 is no exception. Normally, Adam and I bullshit around for about 30-minutes before we start recording. That is normally our warm up. Prior to this week’s episode, Adam was already having a bad day. This was all before we started recording. He hops on – late – and tries to call me on Skype. For some reason, he can’t hear me. At first, there was some thoughts that it was my side. After all, I did just have an update that reverse itself.

However, after testing my side with Skype’s testing service, my side was working fine. Come to find out that Adam’s side wasn’t allowing him to hear anything. We move over to Discord. There has always been an issue with Discord for recording – the sound quality is horrible. Once we managed to get this episode going, we had another moment when Adam’s audio cut out. He had to drop out and re-engage in on the call. Later on, my internet cut out for a couple of minutes. So, you can say that it was a difficult session this week.

Nevertheless, we persevered and managed to get you an all-new episode of The Lazy Geeks. We don’t ever want to hear you say we don’t care about you. Ever! The call quality was poor but we recorded our own sides of the call, so when edited together you will hear it the way it should’ve sounded for us.

This week: Apple revealed all their “Plus” subscription services and we give our take on them. We review Star Trek: Discovery and Doom Patrol’s recent episodes. I rant about this obsession with Zack Snyder and fan obsession with his Justice League version. Alex Jones reveals that he believed Sandy Hook was a false flag operation because of his ‘psychosis’ and not because he is an unbelievable piece of shit.

All that and more on this week’s episode: The Lazy Geeks #333: All About The Plus.



“Roots of Legend” Density & Time
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