The Lazy Geeks #334: You Own Nothing

In the digital universe, do you own digital media? So many things are available digitally, everything from movies, games, books, and music, you start to wonder how much music would you have if your computer crashed? On this week’s The Lazy Geeks #334: You Own Nothing, we discuss the concept of how much you actually own.

The whole idea came up with the announcement that Microsoft was getting out of the eBook business. I know, we didn’t know they were actually in it to begin with. Whatever the case may be, they are getting out of it. For anyone that purchased eBooks through them would only have access to them until July. After that, they will be deleted and you should receive a refund. Kinda lame, right?

I mean, at least, you receive a refund. What about some smaller company that doesn’t let you know in advance? Or, even offer you a refund? What do we actually own when we purchase something with no physical dimensions and we no longer have access to it? That is a question that people have been discussing for some time. Even with the concept of Google’s Stadia and Apple’s Apple Arcade, you won’t even have games to download. You are paying simply to have access to those items.

Adam still collects physical books. He has a thing about actually holding a book in his hand. I can’t say anything about that, because I still physically purchase movies. Video games and music are something that I don’t mind purchasing virtually. In the end, I ask if I actually own digital media?

What about you? What items do you still physically purchase? Do you still order CDs from Amazon or your local record store? If there’s still one around. Grab physical comics every Wednesday? Let us know in the comments below and we will follow up on those responses in a later show. For now, enjoy this week’s recap of the week’s news stories on The Lazy Geeks #334: You Own Nothing.



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