The Lazy Geeks #335: Reading Rambo

Back in the day, people hated some of the cable channels they were forced to take when they were looking for one in particular. If you wanted two ESPN channels, you would have to take eight Lifetime channels. Never seemed like a fair trade. Chief complaint about the high prices was, “I have so many movie channels I don’t watch.” Now, how many streaming services don’t you watch?

Many people wanted a la carte options. For those of you too young to know this, it was the choice of selecting what channels you wanted, leaving off the channels they wanted you to take. The reasoning was clear and made sense. For every one channel you wanted, there were three that no one would want. Think about it. When you look at your television listings, look at every one channel you need and think of two that you wouldn’t noticed if they took off. For BBC America, you would lose Audience and OWN. Not a big deal, right?

Television producers know that. So, they force cable providers to take other channels if they want a popular channel. Think about it. If AMC (which was originally American Movie Classics) was ditched because no one wanted to see old movies, you wouldn’t have the channel that brought you Mad Men and The Walking Dead. Kinda weird how that turns out.

Now, with streaming services, you have too many choices for singular programming. CBS All Access for Big Bang Theory reruns, Star Trek: Discovery, or The Good Fight. Netflix for those television series you need to binge or new seasons of Stranger Things. Amazon Prime Video for movies, old shows, or The Marvelous Mrs. Masiel or Jack Ryan.

In the end, cutting the cord was supposed to free us from forced content and lower prices. Unfortunately, popular content is spread across multiple services that have their own pricing schemes. Ten bucks here and six bucks there. Have enough of those services and it begins to add up to real money. Now, you need to add Disney+ to your streaming content. Eventually, you’ll need to add up all the services against your cable bill, see which one ends up cheaper.

By the way, here’s the Reading Rambo picture I promised:


“Roots of Legend” Density & Time
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License






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