The Lazy Geeks #336: CD-ROM Edition

This last week saw the destruction of a piece of history: the Notre Dame cathedral. While the fire was sad due to the historic nature of the building, what was truly damaging was the nature of the unfounded speculation in regards to the cause of the fire before the flames were even extinguished. Some high-profiled names in the right-wing community speculating that something sinister started the blaze. Welcome to The Lazy Geeks #336: CD-ROM Edition.

While fire officials ruled out the fire as intentional, many with an agenda began to speculate that it was caused by Muslim fanatics. Regardless of the fact that the fire began in an area of the attic that was being renovated and not accessible to random patrons of the cathedral. Many in the conspiracy theory movement have claimed that there are many areas in France (and Europe) that is ruled by Shaira Law, which has been completely unfounded. Or, the more popular term, “no-go zones.” Something many international observers deny and lay blame at places like Fox News for coining a term for something that doesn’t exist.

This week, Glenn Beck speculated, without facts to back it up, that if the fire was started by Muslim extremist, “we would never know.” Somehow believing that France is ruled by Islamic extremist. Not to mention, they have been targeted by various extremist attacks in recent years and there is no sign that they are backing down. A sentiment that was repeated by Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs, when he layed the groundwork that a cover-up exists because they immediately ruled out arson.

Also, on our CD-ROM Edition, the guys discuss how Attorney General William Barr was extra dick when delivering the Mueller Report to Congress on a CD-ROM. It is surprising that he didn’t send it over AOL or Yahoo Messenger. He is known to have nothing but contempt for Congress, so this was a completely swinging dick move, hoping none of their computers or laptops didn’t have an optical drive. Thanks, Microsoft.

This week, we touch on the end of the Amazon-Google feud, Knights of the Old Republic-related film being worked on, the season finale of Star Trek Discovery and the time jump for season three. The specs for the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s announcement of their Xbox One S All-Digital console, and what’s up with those Samsung Galaxy Fold devices. Enjoy, The Lazy Geeks #336: CD-ROM Edition.



“Roots of Legend” Density & Time
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