The Lazy Geeks #337: Fold Under Pressure

Last week, the discussion of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold running into issues was revealed. News stories began to pop up around the internet roughly a week before launch. Even on The Lazy Geeks #336: CD-ROM Edition, the news from tech reviewers was that the new device was breaking after a single day of use. Not to mention the polymer screen protector, which was supposed to remain on the screen but no one bothered to mention it to the reviewers.

Some were shocked by the bulges popping up on the screen, causing it to crack. Remember, these are technology reviewers that this was happening to. These are people that do this sort of thing for a living. Reviewers are usually the only people that handle the device the way they’re supposed to. Not the traditional morons that throw it on a car seat and place hot food on it. So, that was a huge deal. After the weekend, Samsung announced that they would hold off on launching the device that was supposed to hit store on Thursday.

In this week’s episode, we share a laugh because the device seemed to be rushed, and some thoughts that Samsung may have known this was an issue. Just hoped that maybe the damage would be low-key. The theory is that one in every fifteen could have that issues. It just so happened that every fifteen went to a reviewer that discovered the flaw.

After the issues with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung cannot have another major snafu. Delaying the launch of the Fold was the only way for Samsung to minimize the damage. As if to say, “we learned from the last time.” Unfortunately, that meant that they learned what not to do PR-wise again.

As for the remainder of the episode, they discuss some of the other new stories of the past week. This will be the last episode for two whole weeks. Since there was only four days since recording of last week’s episode and this week, there is no main discussion. No Watch List. Not even a “Finally” story. That means the episode is a whole lot shorter. Maybe that’s a good thing. You let us know in the comments.



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