The Lazy Geeks 340: Moon Belongs To Mars

After our late episode on Wednesday, we managed to bring you a new episode right on time. This week’s episode of The Lazy Geeks 340 is a bit technical. Yeah, we discuss a bit about how our President is a bit of a dumbass. Not to mention his propaganda machine, Fox News. Citing that D-Day should be a celebration of President Trump, because you know he dodged the draft and all. Now, after claiming we need to go back to the moon, says we should be focusing on Mars, so forget the moon. Plus, we get into why Engadget is beginning to turn into one of those clickbait sights using something we expected from IGN and not them.

We do discuss Google’s details about Stadia before this year’s E3 event. Pricing, launch titles, and cities. It is pretty damn exciting. Also, the sorry, not sorry cancellation of Swamp Thing by DC Universe. How that rapid cancellation is causing me to cancel the service, because there is no investment in a series that they have no investment for.

With that, the guys get into all the things that was announced for Apple users in the coming year from the Apple Developers Conference. We discuss all the cool options that are coming in on Apple TV, iOS 13, Apple Watch, iPadOS, and how they are taking a shot at Google about privacy.

We close out the show about “pod calling the kettle black” with religious talking head is criticizing Flat Earth advocates for putting too much stock in what the bible says. Claiming that “Flat Earthers” are taking the bible too literally, yet they seem to be doing the exact same thing.  So, sit back and relax with this week’s episode, The Lazy Geeks 340: Moon Belongs To Mars.




Steve Feeling Better

Moon Belongs To Mars

Engadget Is Better Than This


Short Takes:

WarnerMedia Price Leaked

Destiny 2 FTP

Spider-Man 3 Clickbait

Final Fantasy Soundtracks Coming to Apple Music/Spotify


Headlines :

Stadia Details Revealed

Swamp Thing Cancelled


Main Story:

Apple’s Developers Conference Highlights


And, Our WTAF:

Pot, Kettle



“Roots of Legend” Density & Time
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